Monday, 8 September 2014

Radical Ducati

Last week I went to a "bike night" on the Hoe, (the very same place where Sir Francis Drake beat the Spanish Armada after finishing his game bowls, no less), there were a lot of bikes there of all persuassions, but for me this was the highlight!!  I'm not 100% sure, but it does look very much like a Radical Ducati, like the one shown below.  If not a Radical, its certainly an homage to one

(courtesy of )

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Moto 2

MotoGP is all well and good, you get the odd spat, for a few laps, but it does get a bit predictable, Moto2 on the other hand is brilliant, (or it was until the Beeb lost the franchise to BT sport!!).  A field of 30+ bikes, all with the same 600cc sealed engine, ridden by young, fearless riders eager to prove themselves, I think the term close racing is an understatement, in fact I think it used to be called the carnage class!! 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Finally managed to get a proper, (dry), ride last Sunday.  7:45 a.m. waking up the neighbours as the bike warms up on full choke, clear skies and bright sunshine, and because it was so early, clear roads!!  the ride went Launceston - Holsworthy - Bude - Widemouth Bay - Wadebridge - Victoria - back the A30 to Bodmin, then peal off onto the A38 and home.  All in all about 100 miles, I didn't go nuts, (the last thing I did when I left was say goodbye to my son, which was a handy reality check), but it was a great ride, interspersed with a quick stroll on a beach and a mug of tea and the mother of all bacon and egg sandwiches.  In the afternoon I took the bike out again for a short blat to my parents place, less than 10 miles, but what a shit ride, thanks to dicks in vectras, and a stoopid overtake on my part, it put me in a total fug, bloody bikes!! :-)